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Stage III of the GRAP REVOKED in entire NCR with immediate effect

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

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14 NOV 2022 8:10PM by PIB Delhi


  • Without specific orders from CAQM, C&D projects and industrial units which were issued closures orders shall NOT resume operations.
  • All actions as envisaged under Stage I along with Stage II to continue.
  • The forecast doesn’t indicate any steep degradation in overall air quality of Delhi-NCR in the coming days.
  • Next review meeting is scheduled on 18.11.2022

In view of improvement in the overall air quality of the Delhi-NCR seen in the past few days with the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi clocking at 294 today as per the 4PM AQI Bulletin provided by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the Sub-Committee for invoking actions under Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) of the Commission for Air Quality Management in NCR & Adjoining Areas (CAQM) held a meeting today to review the situation and take the appropriate call on the actions under Stage III of GRAP which was in place in the entire National Capital Region w.e.f. 29.10.2022. While comprehensively reviewing the overall air quality parameters of Delhi-NCR, the Commission noted that due to forecast by IMD/ IITM not indicating any steep degradation in the overall air quality of Delhi-NCR in the next few days with AQI likely to stay in the ‘Poor’ category, it is advisable to relax the restrictions and further roll back Stage III of the GRAP with immediate effect in the entire NCR.

The GRAP Sub-Committee in its earlier meetings had invoked actions under Stage I, Stage II, Stage III and Stage IV of the GRAP in the entire NCR on 05.10.2022, 19.10.2022, 29.10.2022 and 03.11.2022 respectively. Further, Sub-Committee in its review meeting held on 06.11.2022, revoked the actions under Stage IV (‘Severe+’ Air Quality) of GRAP after considering the improvement in air quality of Delhi and AQI forecast of subsequent days. The Sub-Committee in its today’s meeting further reviewed the air quality scenario in the region as well as the IMD/IITM forecasts for meteorological conditions and air quality index of Delhi and observed as under:

Overall AQI of Delhi has been progressively improving from the levels of 346 (‘Very Poor’ Air Quality) recorded on 11.11.2022 to 294 (‘Poor’ Air Quality) clocked on 14th November, 2022, which is about 100 AQI points below the threshold for invoking the GRAP Stage III actions (Delhi AQI 400-450) and preventive/ mitigative/ restrictive actions under all Stages up to Stage III are underway, there is a likelihood of sustaining the improvement in AQI. The forecast by IMD/ IITM also do not indicate any steep degradation

Further, actions under Stages I to Stage II of the GRAP shall however remain invoked and be implemented, monitored and reviewed by all agencies concerned in the entire NCR to ensure that the AQI levels do not slip further to the ‘Severe’ category. All implementing agencies shall keep strict vigil and especially intensify measures under Stage I & II of GRAP which include the following:

  • Mechanical/vacuum-based sweeping of roads to be carried out on a daily basis.
  • Ensure water sprinkling along with use of dust suppressants regularly on roads to arrest road dust especially at hotspots, heavy traffic corridors, vulnerable areas (before peak hours) and proper disposal of dust collected in designated sites/landfills.
  • Regular inspection and strict enforcement of dust control measures at Construction & Demolition (C&D) sites and enforcement of direction on use of Ani-Smog guns.
  • Do not allow coal / firewood including in Tandoors in Hotels, Restaurants and open eateries.
  • Ensure hotels, restaurants and open eateries use only electricity/ clean fuel gas-based appliances
  • Enhance Parking fees to discourage private transport
  • Regulated use of DG Sets except for the emergent and essential services.

C&D project sites and industrial units which have been issued specific closure orders on account of violations/ non-compliances of various statutory directions, rules, guidelines etc. under no circumstances shall resume their operations without any specific order to this effect from the Commission.

Further, the Commission has once again appealed to the citizens of NCR to cooperate in implementing GRAP and follow the steps mentioned in the Citizen Charter under the GRAP. Citizens are advised to:

  • Use public transport and minimize use of personal vehicles.
  • Regularly replace air filters at recommended intervals in your automobiles.
  • Avoid dust generating construction activities

Various agencies responsible for implementing measures under GRAP and Pollution Control Boards (PCBs) of NCR and DPCC have also been advised to ensure strict implementation of actions of Stage I, Stage II  under GRAP in the NCR.

The sub-Committee, shall be keeping a close watch on the air quality scenario and considering the likelihood of low wind speeds after a few days, will review the situation on 18.11.2022 for further appropriate decision depending upon the air quality in Delhi and forecast made by IMD/IITM.

The revised schedule of GRAP is available on the Commission’s website and can be accessed via