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“Mann Ki Baat” has revived the common man’s interest in India’s rich culture and tradition

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2nd Session on ‘Viraasat ka Utthan’ (Regeneration of Heritage) during the day-long National Conference on “Mann Ki Baat @100” held

PM Modi delves into everyday issues of the people, reviving interest in culture, tradition, folk arts and environment

‘Mann Ki Baat’ is an extraordinary initiative that takes us back to our roots, says Neelesh Misra, India’s most loved story teller

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26 APR 2023 4:57PM by PIB Delhi

              Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address and his interactions with the people over the hugely popular monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat” has revived the common man’s interest in India’s rich culture and tradition. An eminent panel participating in the 2nd Session on ‘Viraasat ka Utthan’ (Regeneration of Heritage) during the day-long National Conference on “Mann Ki Baat @100” in New Delhi today, said PM Modi’s initiative does recognize people at the grassroots level.

              Initiating the discussion, radio show host and storyteller Neelesh Misra set the tone, narrating his journey into tribal heartland, accompanied by his children, his encounters with people rooted in their forest lands and their discovery of how the tribal people have been living with heritage in their day-to-day life. “‘Mann Ki Baat’ is an extraordinary initiative that takes us back to our roots,” said Misra, India’s most loved story teller and host of Big FM’s “Yaadon Ka Idiot Box” show.

              Environmentalist Rochamliana, General Secretary of Save Chite Lui Movement, spoke about his campaign to revive the Chite Lui river in Mizoram that runs through state capital Aizawl. Urging for a holistic view of our river bodies, he said PM Modi highlighted the success of his campaign in the 90th episode of Mann Ki Baat in June, 2022. “Prime Minister’s words will inspire the people to preserve our river systems and save them from environmental degradation,” he said.

              Jagat Kinkhabwala, environment conservationist who runs ‘Save the Sparrow’ campaign, said while we cannot ignore development, we have to carry both the economy and the environment together. “When PM Modi touched upon Save the Sparrow campaign in 2017, awareness grew about our programme and even environmental activists from the US and other countries became involved,” he said. Stating that sparrows reside near human habitations, the Sparrowman, as he is popularly known, noted that human beings is the only species working for “profit”. “We are not owners of this Earth,” he said.

              Ricky Kej, a three-times Grammy Award-winning music composer and environmentalist, said PM Modi spoke about tribal musicians who have been honoured with the Padma awards, in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ episode in January this year, and in the next episode, PM Modi mentioned about artists like Sursingar player Joydeep Mukherjee and Mandolin exponent Uppalapu Srinivas, who, the PM said, “have breathed new life into these instruments.” “With ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister mainstreamed folk music forms born in India,” he said.

              Bharatnatyam exponent and actress Shobana Chandrakumar said, while narrating India’s growth story including our IT prowess, we must not neglect our culture. Pointing out that India is vast country abounding with diverse people and culture, she said, “This needs to be nourished.” Anguished that during a visit to the Thanjavur temple she saw frescos even at rooftop heights vandalized with scribbling, she said PM Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ has been inspiring people to visit and preserve our places of heritage.

              Journalist and TV news anchor Palki Sharma said one has to view culture as a currency for a super power. Lamenting that the world still bears a prismatic view of India as a land of snake charmers, she said we should focus upon our emerging success in technology and space research while talking more about our flourishing culture and monuments.

              TV & RJ Siddhart Kannan, who is popularly known as Sid_K, said, with ‘Mann Ki Baat’, PM Modi has proved the power of radio, speaking to the people of the country like a friend and elder brother. Referring to the recent success of Indian music at the Oscars, Sid_K said, “India wants to hear the India story.”

              Winding up the session Neelesh Misra said PM Modi also revived interest in the Millets. “We ignored the millets for years together; only when the West termed it as the Super Food, the craze for millets on our food palate took the turn of a frenzy,” he said.

              Mann Ki Baat” is a hugely popular programme broadcast on last Sunday of every month over All India Radio in which the Prime Minister of India addresses people of the country and interacts with the citizens on contemporary issues. Since its start on 03 October 2014, it has covered a total of 99 episodes till 26 March 2023.